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Ali visited Jenna in the hospital and Garrett signed her out of the blind school on the same night?..

What tapes did Ali want to tell Byron about?

Spencer obviously woke again as how else did she walk Into barn and say she thinks she heard a scream…

Ian and her were so tense and angry that the I know you want to kiss me video makes zero sense…..

I could go on forever as Nothing adds up!!!


Ok so here in Australia you must be 18 to have a P plate driving licence which allows you to drive alone. How old must you be in PLL land? or should I say how young because Mona couldn’t of been more than 14 or 15???


Awww Thanks :-) next time don’t do anon so I can give you a follow and check out your blog.

I have found parts of the finale confusing , conflicting and really hard to swallow unfortunately and will write some posts on these things shortly. It was fun though.